Let’s talk about depression!

Let’s talk about depression!

From time to time, we can all feel sad, tired and uninterested by things we normally love. Ups and downs are normal parts of our lives.

But if the sadness becomes overwhelming and stay for longer than two weeks, it’s time to seek help.

On this year’s World Health Day, we turn our attention to depression, and the importance of talking about it. Depression is an illness that can affect anyone, and there’s no shame in suffering from it.

With more than 300 million people suffering worldwide, depression is actually the leading cause of disability in the world. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicates that depression has increased with more than 18 % between 2005 and 2015.

Depression knows no age, and can affect anyone anytime, anywhere in the world. Recent numbers show that over 80 % of people who suffer from depression live in low- or middle-income countries.

WHO reports that those 80 % have a particularly difficult time getting help for depression. The biggest cause of that is the stigma that surrounds depression, but also because there is often a lack of resources for mental health care.

Since depression often cause intense feelings of guilt, self-loathing and general tiredness, it can in worst case lead to self-harm and suicide.

Suicide as a result of depression has reached staggering heights during recent years. The numbers have increased so much that amongst people aged 15-29, suicide has become the second leading cause of death.

It’s important to remember that depression can be treated. Two common treatments are therapy where the feelings are talked through, and medication in the form of antidepressants. Often, therapy and antidepressants are used together to treat depression.

With the message “Depression: Let’s talk”, the World Health Organization hopes to create awareness about depression and that we need to talk about it. Talking with someone is often the first step in acknowledging and understanding that depression can be the cause for feeling unwell.

We are happy to contribute to that discussion, and encourage all of you to join too!

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